Locations Covered 132+

Static Guards

These guards are responsible for authorised entry and exit of personnel and vehicles in the client premises. Apart from that, they can also operate burglar alarms, fire alarms and CCTVs. Different types of other services can also be included.

Beat Patrolling 21+

Patrol Guards

The Beat Patrolling is a system for monitoring the rounds of guards at the clients’ property. This helps the client to record all security activities which can be used in any unforeseen situation. It involves use of latest technology like RFID or Handheld devices etc. All Guard and Patrol operations can be customized as per requirements.

Officers Posted 50+

Personal Security Officers

Hiring PSO or Bodyguard is common among Entertainment industry people. They need protection from potential threats as PSO’s are active, physically fit and extremely determined in their assigned task regardless of the situation. We hold a team of such professional guards for reliable and secured services.

ATM Covered 100+

ATM Security

Banks and ATM’s are most crucial part of our day to day life. Guarding such agencies is of utmost priority and needs energetic, active and physically fit guards. They should be alert all the time to fight with any unforeseen situation. Our guards are highly efficient when it comes to take such responsibilities and are prepared round the clock.

Events Secured 60+

Event Security

C4SSecure provides all kind of security arrangements when it comes to the safety of any event. Whether it is parking control, premises entry exit control, crowd control or it is about VIP escorting. We have a specialized and trained team which can work round the clock to manage all safety related arrangements of an event.

Guards Allocated 200+

Escort Services

At C4SSecure, we ensure utmost safety of people, especially when it comes to female employees. We strive to minimize the irregularities in fleet management by monitoring the two and fro of transport. Our well trained staff members takes care of door to door escort service and respond actively in case of any mishap. We select the perfect and eligible candidates for the task as it requires special skills and tactfulness while covering the client.